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Infectis – Chapter ?

June 2, 2018

How soft your fields so green.


It was the long walk out of the shit town that bothered him most. The drive in had been a piece of cake.

He’d seen the condition of the place. Anyone who lived there–why didn’t people just move?–deserved whatever they got.

But walking out. That was too close. He didn’t want to see it up close. Through the dusty, grimy window of the semi-tractor was fine.

He made his way to the rendezvous outside town. He felt no guilt over what he was doing. It was a job like any other.

He did take a little pleasure in it, though. But only a little. It was unprofessional to to take anything approaching joy from it.

Besides, he was just the delivery guy. All he had done was park it there. It’d be the inhabitants of the shit town, most likely kids, who would break it open. Their own sin would be their undoing. He wasn’t making them, nor was his employer, open it to release what was inside.

Their own sin…They would receive in them their just reward…for being dirty little Mexicans that God hated.

He smiled and picked up the pace.


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