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Public Service Message

May 31, 2018

“Hello. I’m Mac Coyote. And I’m running for Senate.”

Music plays. Leaves falling from trees slowly are depicted.

“I’ll bet you’ve had enough of phony politicians in Washington. I know I have.”

A beach is shown. The waves lap slowly in.

“I want you to know that I am running for one reason. And one reason only.”

Abrupt change in music and images. The sky. The Sun slowly descends and the stars appear.

“Because I’m looking for someone I’m having a lot of trouble finding. He bought kitty litter in a deli in Brooklyn, New York on 3 January 2010. He might have been wearing a mask. I don’t know.

“What did the mask look like? It looked like a face. I know. Weird, right? Could have been his face. I just don’t know.

“Anyway. If you’ve seen him or know who he is, please contact my offices as soon as possible, because I don’t know the first f***ing thing about being a Senator.”

Paid for by Vegetarians Who Want to Save the Whales

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