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10,000 Light Beers

May 22, 2018

“So, being distraught, I…had a one-night stand. She was African-American…which wasn’t really important to the story.

“She was really smart, though. And I think that probably was. Never saw her again after that night. But I did hear that she came into a friend’s place of work, a bank of all places, looking haunted or very distraught.

“No matter what route she chose, the real crime here is mine. It’s not that there may have been an abortion that bothers me. It’s that I didn’t give enough of a f*** to go check on her after I heard that. And that because my so-called friends thought she was unattractive. She was–I imagine is!–smarter than the whole lot of ’em put together. Smarter than me. And I was making As and Bs without studying.

“Told you I was a lazy bastard. That’s why I can’t write like you, ****. Saturn to my Mercury. Not by choice. By biology maybe.

“And so, I’m not asking. No matter how many times I say this, I’m not. It’s none of my f***ing business. I know that. And if you were to think about it and answer, well that’s just one less thing of 10,000 on my brain. Down to 9,999 possibilities, how much comfort is that? So don’t answer me, as the song goes. I don’t really know his age, I made assumptions based on what I saw. Could be older and just spry. Don’t know. So let’s just forget it. Let’s sing some Karaoke. Ok? Don’t say anything, don’t worry. It’s just one little fact, hypothesis, theory, doesn’t mean that much to me. Ok? What are the odds something similar happened to you, that some woman lied or just walked away and never told you? Astronomical!

“Anyway. Let’s sing and forget the whole thing. Probably ghosts pulling a prank on us both and I am very sorry for that. You know, like ***** implied in that old email, I just cant help it. Let’s sing.

10,000 bottles of beer on the wall,

10,000 bottles of beer!

Take one down…

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