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Shopping Around

May 10, 2018

“Whaddya think?”

The clerks had at this point just left him alone. Afraid of what it might mean. A man draping various shirts in front of him, looking in the mirror, and then asking thin air what it thought.

As if that weren’t enough, he would also nod and answer it.

“Ok. The grey one it is.”

Eventually, someone else wandered up. He just repeated the process.

“Whaddya think?”

The stranger, caught off guard, just glanced at one of the shirts.

“This one then?”

He put the other one back on the rack. Held out his hand and introduced himself.

“And yours?”


There was a second’s pause as the crazy man looked away. He stared into space for a moment considering the new information.

“[Redacted]… That’s a great name. In fact…thinking about it…definitely think [Redacted] is my favorite name of all time. Yep. Love [Redacted]. Can’t believe didn’t realize that before.”

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