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Every Day

May 8, 2018

“I do think I’m ready for a change.”

He moved his left leg slightly to the left and lifted his left arm. He pointed with his right to a spot near the heart.

“It’s like…there’s this hole…right about here. It’s the heart of darkness. It wants to do right, but it’s the center of, well, sex…drugs… and rock’n’roll. And I work in my cousin’s adult video store.

“I’m ready for something different. Because whatever’s been happening…well, that ain’t working. Don’t you agree?”

He looked to other him’s parents and then at other him. The general map location drawn on his torso, using his left arm as Maine and left leg as Florida pretty well lined up with where he was referring to around his heart. The parents of course thought he meant something else altogether.

There was just a glare from other him, though his parents nodded agreeing.

“Really? So you’ll be willing to go to church then?” other he shot back with a devilish grin.

“Of course! On Sunday…and,” he looked at the parents again, “what other day? Wednesdays?”

“Oh, we go every day.”

“Every…” He swallowed hard.

“Every day? Of course! Work permitting.”

“The porn store, you mean?” the grin was back.

“Y’know, ‘Judge not.’ While I am pretty well sick of some of what I see there…the drugs and what it’s done to a lot of people, for example, there are opportunities to help out as well.

“There’s this Mexican kid, for example. He’s HIV positive, very far from family…you can imagine what he does to support his meth addiction. Sometimes he just needs an encouraging word, or a drink of water. Management would greatly prefer I not do that. I cheat.

“Then there’s the occasional working gal, some of them transgender. If they didn’t have that place to go to, they’d be in physical danger every day. They are anyway. But there, they are a good bit safer.

“And then there’s Sammy. A homeless Navy veteran. Spinal and brain injury. She’s or he’s crazy as can be but a heart of gold.”

The was a long silence.

Other he’s father spoke up at last, “See? I told you: If he loves you, he can’t be all bad.”

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