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Infectis – Chapter ?

March 31, 2018

Give it to you one time, now.


Parker glanced out the window at the car driving away. He finished his iced tea and turned to see where the waitress was to see about a refill.

She wasn’t there. He turned his eyes to the right to see through the order window to the kitchen area and didn’t see any cooks or busboys either.

He looked back out the front window, his brows furrowing.

“You realize that there’s no one h—-“

Suddenly, he slammed Brian to his left with his left hand. In his right hand, was a knife. Blood trickled down where the force of the blade cut his fingers and the fleshy part between his thumb and forefinger.

Brian started, “Dude! What the f—-.”

He stopped before finishing and stared at the knife and fist right where he had been sitting before. He turned and looked at the man who had just thrown it, wide-eyed.

Felinov reached inside his jacket again and then the left side of jaw exploded without warning. The tinkling of glass from his immediate right seemed to come after the red spray and coincide with his dropping to the ground.

Parker was up, moving, and looking in all directions out the window. Now it was Brian’s turn to attack, as he tackled Parker and brought him down. The knife, which Parker had switched to the other, still good hand, clattered across the floor.

“Down,” Brian said, still holding on and laying on top of him. “There’s a swarm of mercs out there, armed to—“

Brian wasn’t able to finish. Parker was about to say something smart-alecky about their current position when all hell broke loose. Glass was shattering, things on the counter were exploding and flying in every direction, lights were going out, as a rain of bullets came flying in.

There was the sound of an explosion, possibly two or three, outside, and the metal rain stopped briefly.

They headed toward the back, to the kitchen. They were unable to see what was happening outside in the front due to huge clouds of smoke. Back seemed the only way to go.

Parker grabbed a towel and wrapped his hand in it. They paused at the back door to the kitchen. There was a pushbar holding it shut from the outside. Parker pushed and peered out. He slowly and quietly expanded his range of view. There was a black SUV with tinted windows just 50 yards away.

Parker turned to Brian to suggest they head over there for cover. He hoped Brian would be able to get them in and hotwire it.

Brian was looking at him strange so instead he just said “what?” with a look.

“How…how did you…?”

He was looking at the hand-wrapped towel, referring to catching the knife.

“I have…no…f***ing idea. We should go,” Parker pointed at the SUV.

Brian nodded and took off. Parker was right behind him. He could here gunshots echoing throughout the parking lot. It sounded like there were multiple groups.

Whatever had been planned, it had gone horribly awry. Brian was trying all the doors.

Parker looked under the vehicle for some reason. He saw the keys. He had to climb partly underneath to get them.

“Hey, look what I…”

Though his brain hasn’t entirely caught up and he couldn’t put it yet into words, he instinctively knew why Brian was leaning against the side and making the face he was.

“C’mon. I gotta get you out of here,” he told Brian. Parker could see the black liquid staining Brian’s stomach and jeans below.

“Don’t think I should move,” Brian grunted out. “Losing blood too quick.”

“You’re an asshole and you can’t stay here. So get the f*** inside.”

“You tell Maya…”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’ll tell her yourself. Now. Get. In.”

Parker opened the rear driver side door. Brian slid to the ground as his legs gave out. Parker kneeled down. The blood wasn’t just black looking because it was dark out. It was dark in color.

Kidney? Or Liver? Never can remember…

“You know,” Brian shared, “I think you might actually have a point…”

And he died.

Parker heard them faintly, but the sound and what it meant wasn’t registering on any level of consciousness. He laid Brian down and slid him away from the vehicle.

He shut the back door and climbed in the driver’s seat. For some reason he looked out the window up at the sky as he started the truck up.

It was an act that wasn’t helpful at all. The sky was too dark and whatever shark-shaped jet-propelled things were flying around up there weren’t at all visible. But at least he realized now what the buzzing or humming had meant.

He also surmised that these were not surveillance drones. Almost certainly the other kind.

He wondered how in the hell you were supposed to out-drive those.


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