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Infectis – Chapter ?

March 10, 2018

It’s a sound that we used to buy…

It was a sort of typical building in lower Manhattan. Parker had seen many of them back when he was working real estate. Or, rather, working unwittingly as a slave for the CIA under the guise of working in NYC real estate. Or was it both? One paid position, one not.

He got part of the way in, dragging his hooded, cuffed prisoner with him. Building security was moving to stop him. He kept going as the guard at the desk grabbed the phone and walkie-talkie.

He lucked out on the elevator and the pair got in the elevator just as the doors closed. They didn’t have time to recall them, or this building didn’t have that capability. He wasn’t sure which. Typically, all elevators go to the ground during a fire or fire alarm activation. Security control was a wise thing to have, but not required by code as far as he recalled.

When he got to the door, it was closed and locked. That was unsurprising and what he had expected. Thankful to be able to drop the mini sledgehammer soon, he bashed the glass and the door shattered into a million pieces. He pulled his hostage with him through the door.

“Step the f*** back!”

The Intercept’s interior security was already alerted to his presence. He pointed the .45 at the ceiling in the direction of the guard.

Parker also opened his coat to reveal a bomb vest. He pulled the trigger from his right sleeve.

“What’s your name?”

The guard just stared.

“Name, young man!”


“Bernard, take us to a conference room. The one with the satellite hookup. And get me Scahill.”

The guard didn’t move.

“Now, Bernard!”

They winded their way through the halls. Parker knew of some of the people who worked there. He saw Jim Risen peek his head out his office door and turned wide-eyed when Parker smiled and nodded at him.

It was a few minutes before Scahill appeared at the conference room door.

“Have you completely lost your f***ing mind? Parker, I don’t have time for this bulls***. We have a lot of work to do…a lot of important stories to cover and you are disrupting us. And you’re clearly going to jail. So make it quick. What do you want?”

“I’ve brought ‘him.’ The one I told you about. Who can corroborate my story, or at least important pieces of it.”

Jeremy looked sad. He shook his head. Then spoke.

“Dude. Turn around and look.”

Parker did so. He looked back at the investigative reporter and smiled.

“You have lost it, haven’t you? That’s a woman!”

“Yes,” Parker began. “Rudra and Shankara.”

“How long have you known?” the woman spoke up.

“The very moment I saw you in the hospital room. Did you really think I wouldn’t recognize you? Clearly someone else thought it was clever to use an officer on the list for gender reassignment…but did you think it would fool me?”

There was a long pause. The woman’s chin wrinkled up for a moment and then she breathed in hard.

“The name of the program is NKINTRA. Due to secrecy and compartmentation, I only know select pieces of it.”

“You should probably get Glenn on the satellite feed,” Parker offered.

It was silent in the room for a few moments. The quiet was interrupted by a barking dog or two coming from the warming up large screen tv on the wall.

“Ok, make it quick people. I’m going outside to delay FBI and NYPD. Jay, they’re going to take this opportunity to invade your space, snoop through stuff. Sorry about that. Someone should be perhaps preparing for FBI’s visit.”

Parker turned back to her/him.

“My destoyer/my savior. Guess I’ll see you on the other side. Take care, my love.”

Greenwald looked highly annoyed and worried. He scowled through the camera.

“Glenn. Jeremy. ‘Be seeing you!’”

Parker couldn’t resist one last joke at his own expense. And / corny and dramatic one at that.

“Out of the way, Bernard.”

“You know…they’ll kill you if you go out there.”

“Probably. But then this was never about me. Stay safe.”

Parker stepped into the elevator and pressed ‘L.’ The doors closed.



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