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Infectis- Chapter ?

March 6, 2018

Feel it dyin’ all the way…

Your first and best defense against a larger attacker is always the following: Strike first!

Parker wondered why there was a YouTube video running through his head. Further, he wondered why it was giving advice about striking first when the fight had already started.

Parker managed to grab the giant’s hand with both of his and swing his body enough to kick backwards against the door frame.

It was only a few seconds before Brian emerged, brow furrowed, and completely naked except for a cock ring which didn’t seem to be working very well.

“Hey! Bambino! Put him the f*** —!”

The big man kicked. Brian disappeared back into the dark motel room.

Parker tried to claw at the hand. At least he got some oxygen when the man was distracted and loosened his grip slightly.

The man started dragging Parker into the room. Parker tried hooking his legs on the door jamb. One quick tug from the man and he was moving again and they were inside.

Tiara screamed, “What’s going on?!?”

The next thing is, because he’s taller than you, you’ve got to bring him down a little to really be able to strike effectively, soldier!

Parker rolled his eyes at the advice and instead tried to think of judo and using the attacker’s momentum against him. Where was the f***er’s center?

“Find…center…of gravity…”

Brian glanced at Parker and back at the Goliath, “He’s his own f***ing center of gravity!”

Brian grabbed the only object handy, a rickety duct-taped chair, and half-broke/half-just-collapsed it over the big man’s shoulder. The big man put Parker on the ground. As he gasped for air and grabbed his own throat, the giant took a knee on him. Parker managed to drop his head so it wasn’t on his throat but his face was getting smashed by the giant knee.

Bring him lower…

Brian tried several jabs to an eye with his thumb. The big man grunted when he connected once, but then grabbed Brian by the throat and pinned him against a wall. Brian’s shorter arms couldn’t connect with anything vulnerable.

Parker figured he should be able to bench press enough to at least move him. May as well have been a mountain.

He’s on one knee…someone…

“Shoo…shoo!” Brian was saying. Parker looked up at him. Brian’s face was turning blue and was stretched or stressed like a Crumb drawing.

Parker started laughing despite the blood running down his nose and into his mouth.

Yeah, shoo! That’ll really help…

Tiara ran up and swung an arm down. There was a heavy shudder followed by the smell of feces from someone who eats way too many sweets. Parker wasn’t sure what the liquid was he felt soaking into his pants.

Brian and Tiara pushed the dead giant off of Parker. Parker had to look twice.

One of Tiara’s stilettos was stuck to the top of the giant’s head. The heel, the metallic one with the stylized pistol design, was buried at least three inches deep in the man’s enormous head.

“I’m glad he’s dead.”

That was something else Parker had liked about Tiara since first meeting her. She had a knack for stating out loud the obvious but in such an innocent, unassuming way that he always found it more cute than stupid.

“Me, too,” Brian added. “Guess he got the boot.”

Parker shot him an annoyed look.

“What? Did I stick my foot in my mouth?”

Parker barely managed a rough, “Stop,” before coughing.

Brian grabbed a bottle of water and a towel and handed it to Parker, “Sorry, I don’t speak frog. Hey. At least we de-feet-ed him.”

The look went from merely annoyed to deadly.

“You probably need a moment to heel.”

Parker shot some water out his nose, which was both burning and partially numb. He coughed some more. When it subsided, “We need…”

“To hoof it. I know. Hold on.”

Brian looked around under the bedding and found what he was looking for. He grabbed some of Tiara’s makeup from the bathroom as well. He threw on his jeans and disappeared for a moment. Tiara wiped the blood from Parker’s face.

Brian returned a moment later and began getting dressed.

“What did you do?” Parker inquired.

Me?!? Nothing.”

“Well, can you hear me now, genius?”

“What? Oh, c’mon! CIA assassin? You’re such a doofus. I probably slept with his wife…or his brother…or his dog maybe…or something.”

“You ever been to New Mexico before?”

“Not that I recall. Hey, he had sawjaw.”

Brian was referring to the twitch or tic that came with extensive meth usage. He did have that, as well as the missing teeth.

Parker sighed. He both admired and lamented the ability of the human brain to ignore the obvious when it either didn’t fit its set world view or the truth was too much to take in. Sometimes it was both.

They piled into Brian’s car, which Parker still didn’t actually believe belonged to him, and headed west toward Tiara’s cousin’s place.

In the parking lot of the motel, in the glove compartment of a brown pickup sporting several pro-NRA–and one Ron Paul for President–stickers was some makeup. Wrapped inside a clean towel in the toolbox in the back of it was a single stiletto with the prints wiped off.

Brian smiled grimly as he turned onto the highway towards the Interstate. It’d take at least a week for the locals to piece together what happened after holding the owner of the truck for at least three days.

Brian cackled once. Parker shot him a glance, the meaning of which they both knew: What have you done now?

Brian tried a hurt glance as if to say, How dare you? He flipped on the radio and they otherwise drove in silence except for Tiara’s singing.


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