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Infectis – Chapter ?

January 26, 2018


The Joint Chiefs of Staff

Washington 25, D.C.

14 April 2020


Subject: Pursuance of Public Support for War Efforts

While some see the downside of President Cain’s positions and current scandal involving a potential hacking from China and members of his election team, the JCOS see opportunity. POTUS’ combative rhetoric may actually provide various opportunities to further shape the nation in a more favorable way.

For example:

1) If North Korea were to be sufficiently provoked–internal actions by others could be implemented to ensure it–into threatening a nuclear strike against the United States, a small nuclear device could be used in California to finish properly altering the American mindset beyond what the earthquake of a few years ago began.

2) CIA assures us that they can handle the technical issues involved in post-strike interviews and can provide enough experts to say what we want

3) The single biggest hurdle to separating California from the Union has been the economy, and the fact that it historically represented approximately 1/6th of the US GNP. This dropped after the earthquake to 1/8, which is still a sizable portion. CIA has been helpful providing various studies that its experts have done over the past several decades that indicate other industries can be moved to various areas of the Midwest with acceptable financial disruption and loss in the long run. The film industry in Texas, lobbied and founded by the former Senator Santorum, has made headway and we are informed that it is attracting more technical and acting talent. Various sex scandals that made the news in the past two years are wiping away the last vestiges of the old Hollywood power structure.

Similarly, we are exploring candidates to usher in a new Silicon Valley and aerospace center in and around Austin. Predictions are that computers will be programming themselves soon, so there won’t be the need for one as large as existed in California. Additionally, will Schmidt out of the way, we can begin quietly moving our commercial surveillance enterprises there ahead of the operation.

What remains are primarily fishing and farming, including the explosion in cannabis farming.

Re the former, one promising CIA study shows the possibility of building a pair of “Dubai-style” artificial island near Hawaii; one for fishing, which will be largely automated, and one for housing of the minimal staff required to keep it running.

The current Chairman of the Armed Services Committee has expressed interest in accepting and providing tax breaks for corporations interested in growing cannabis in his home state. We believe this transition can be done relatively quickly.

4) Protecting imports and exports by sea currently based in California may require annexing portions of Mexico along the Atlantic coast. CIA assures it can provide pretense for the invasion as part of the War on Drugs.

5) There will still be, based on the latest fallout studies, areas of California that will be habitable. If timed properly, most of the resulting radiation will drift over the Atlantic and have an “equalizing” effect on the Asian market, maintaining the United States’ place as the center of free trade with Texas as the “new California” ensuring better control over message and easier perception management.

6) What remains is primarily the cover story. Maintaining that North Korea intended to strike at, for example, Luke AFB in Arizona to disrupt pilot training, but that technical shortcomings prevented their weapon from striking the target, will not only ensure they take the blame but also further weaken the anti-war movement via public opinion and ire.

See Appendix A and B for further details. See also the public consumption and the classified versions of the armed response to North Korean aggression sent separately.


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