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Infectis – Chapter ?

August 30, 2016

“To answer your question, I pose one to you. If you’re going to spy on…let’s say an ally…what do you need?”

Parker’s brow furrowed. Then he frowned. He stuttered a bit, not expecting this at all.

“Um, spies? Surveillance equipment, uh…”

“Your thinking is very 20th Century. What are the goals? More importantly, what are the risks involved? What do you need to ensure that you aren’t caught?”


“You’re on the right track. You don’t want to get caught. You’re spying on an ally in his home…say his mission building on U.S. soil. You’re planting listening devices or taking pictures of his documents. A security guard is wandering around and heading your way. What do you need to remain undisturbed?”

“A distraction.”

The man smiled.

“So, that’s what they use it for? To make people distract the security services?”

“Ah-ah! Keep going. What if you get away but the security service still notices the intrustion? What do you have?”

“A scapegoat. A patsy, fall guy.”

“Precisely,” the man poured himself some scotch. Parker figured it was the good kind, the expensive kind.

“So, then…the patsy goes to jail for spying?”

The man chuckled, “Mr. Parker. If you are caught spying on the House of Saud, there isn’t going to be any trial. Of course that’s only if they demand something be done. Sometimes they do, sometimes we buy them off.”


“An accident. Whatever is required that leaves a body so that they can confirm it is the person the security service thinks was spying on them.”

“And the Company…”

“Is out nothing at all. Just one useful idiot and there are millions more to choose from, to replace the one sacrificed.”

“And that’s it?”

“No, that’s just the easiest, most basic function.”

“What else?”

The man sipped the scotch.

Parker offered, “Make sure the foreign security service thinks they got the right person.”

“Sure, to be specific. And why not everyone at the mission? Keep them in line, get what you want. That’s the point. That’s why they’re protecting it.”

“What about domestic? Elections?”

The man chuckled again and looked and held the glass up to the light from the lamp on the table in his study.

“How many?” Parker inquired.

The man just looked at him blankly.

“All of them.”

“Now you’re getting into the larger stuff…the mass stuff, Mr. Parker. A bit more complicated. Carefully planted news and PSYOP are required to move the masses. But once a mass is moving in a particular direction, it tends to keep moving in that direction. The important thing is to affect the influencers. The police are a big priority in that regard. They play the police like they do those patsies. They control the union bosses, the newsletters…the information coming in…and it becomes easier.”

“So both parties…”

“…are full of shit, yes.”

“And the purpose…the big picture?”

“Ha. You’re looking for the problem, are you, Mr. Parker? Well, it’s pretty simple. Just look at what people worry about and see what’s missing. They worry about immigrants, and people with different religious beliefs than them, and different skin color than them. They worry about drug dealers and drug users but pay no mind whatsoever to who launders the Cartels’ money. They worry about the capital of a small, fallen empire, but not the only remaining one who’s reach increases daily, the only one to have used atomic weapons on another country. They worry that their children might be exposed to harsh language but don’t care that they learn nothing to prepare them for the real world. They get very bent out of shape about what someone says on the Internet, but they don’t notice that soft bite that is slowly sucking them, their businesses, their families and communities, dry. They don’t notice that any more than they do climate change because it’s happening on a scale they cannot intuitively conceive of.”

“Banks? It’s all about banks.”

“Money, and that’s where most of it is. Also power, influence. Competition between the real powers-that-be: The Hewlett-Packards, the Halliburtons, the Monsantos, the Kochs, the BAEs, the Pfizers, the UHCs, the Smith & Wessons. And so forth.”

“Why doesn’t anyone…”

“Blow the whistle? Mr. Parker, do you think people who control the chains of slavery are free themselves? Do you think they have any privacy at all? Do you think such people have normal lives outside controlling the lives of others?”

The man leaned forward, swirling the scotch.

“Further, do you think they aren’t watching anyone who gets anywhere near a flight to Moscow or Venezuela? Do you think the next Snowden will be lucky enough to land somewhere safe? That such a person, with all that’s at stake, with all the powerbrokers who are depending on the continuance and the ignorance of the American and, for that matter world, public would take the chance that such a thing as controlling human behavior could get out? No, sir. They wouldn’t. They won’t. It would never happen, nothing is left up to chance.”

“And yet…”

“And yet I have indulged you, Mr. Parker. I have been at truthful as a man in my position can be. I have answered your questions and explained to you how the world works.”

The man downed the last of the scotch and plopped the tumbler on the side table with a note of finality.

“And, now, Mr. Parker, it would be so good of you to put the gun away and leave the way you entered. I have a Homeland Security subcommittee appropriations meeting in the morning and I still have a lot of reading to do beforehand.”


“Why? Why did I answer your questions truthfully, Mr. Parker? Because no one will ever believe you. They wouldn’t believe me if I said it on national television. Not if I shouted it naked from the top of the Empire State Building and uploaded it to Youtube. You believe me because whatever it is drove you to this desperate act woke you up. That has not happened to the majority of people out there, and so they will neither understand nor believe. My advice to you: Make peace with it. Whatever that means to you…make peace. It’s much easier that trying to resist the inevitable. What you’re thinking of fighting against is human nature. Only time, God, or evolution can defeat that. What can one man possibly do?”

The Senator pointed towards the door and Parker exited as instructed.



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