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Resident Beagle

August 10, 2016

Earlier this afternoon I saw a truck with several dog- and specifically pit bull-lover stickers. Additionally, there was a bumper sticker with just the words:

Umbrella Corporation

The U and the L’s were in italics like that. Even though I’ve seen the movies several times and there was also the logo on the truck:

It just didn’t click that it was a reference to the Resident Evil franchise. So I went on about my day.

Later this evening I was stopped at a dark intersection’s red light. A black police car, tinted windows, devoid of markings except for “Umbrella Corporation” on the side, turned left from my right and passed through my headlights.

Suddenly it clicked what it was a reference to. But what was with the police car? Are they shooting a sequel in Phoenix? Did some sick f—s decide to name their conglomerate after the monstrosity in the games and films?

It was neither. Some dude started an ASPCA-related charity and this is apparently the Umbrella Corporation Phoenix Hive:

Kind of a weird choice for an anti-animal cruelty group but, hey, whatever works. They do scifi events like FearCon.

Now where did I put that notebook containing plans for Sturmabteilung Fur Die Wale?


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