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Take It Easy, Aldy!

July 21, 2015

Just finished Forever War by Haldeman yesterday. Re the “what’s it really about?”, I think it’s the alienation soldiers feel when they return {notably as Vietnam} and the quasi-absurdity of what policies get implemented and may not align with those the soldiers would find agreeable were they at home and not elsewhere.

Ridley Scott has been talking about doing a film for some time. Think someone else is picking it up and it may happen.

Plotwise, view the all-gay society as an all-straight one and I think the point becomes clearer. There will be much confusion on this point if/when the movie comes out.

Also picking up Brave New World again after putting it down for a while. Having finished chapter three, I feel like I’ve been whipped mercilessly by Aldous Huxley. This is also being adapted I think. He comes across as a bit of a prude and a Luddite, I think.

Which is not to say he doesn’t have a point or a few. Just that these same kinds of brainwashy methods–albeit more subtle and not requiring 6K repetitions while you were sleeping/growing–can be used for opposite extremes from those he is concerned about.

Anyone who has an elderly family member, though, is likely to notice the sheer possible length of a list of prescriptions for even just one person. “We’re gonna need a bigger medicine cabinet.”


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