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Altered States

July 17, 2015

Think they nailed it on the head at the link in the previous post. The story is about the discovery that there is no discovery apart from horror to be found and that the here and now, and those we share it with, is what provides fulfilment.

It is also a thinly veiled rebuttal to MKULTRA. Obvious especially with the trip to Mexico in search of the psilocibin answers to Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Scientifically speaking, I have it on good authority that even if rapid genetic alterations {ie, shape shifting}, was possible, it would require enormous amounts of energy, of ATP. This relates to my primary criticism of the film: the climax was in the wrong place. Rather than perhaps trust a more subtle effect, less flash and bang, they really played up the final sensory deprivation trip to 2001 proportions or thereabouts. Then a less satisfying addition back in the apartment after the point is mentioned. While not easy to pull off, it would have underlined their point better if somehow those final revelations had upstaged the special effects.

Gonna have to put the novel on my list of books to read. Maybe figure out more about what Paddy intended and to better get why he pulled his name from the film.


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