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Old Sci-fi Movies

July 15, 2015

Been rewatching some old ones and catching some new ones I missed.

Logan’s Run, which I think is going to be remade where 20 is the new 30, probably doesn’t hold up so well. But that may actually add to the charm if you haven’t seen it for decades.

Rollerball, on the other hand, the 1975 version, does seem to hold up despite some of the 70s style that appears. Unlike the Bush-era remake–which seems to look outward instead of inward; haven’t finished watching it yet–I think can be recommended along side Network as being somewhat forward-looking. The strange scenes, Sir Ralph and his malfunctioning AI system, the wanton tree shooting scene, the drug-induced dancing at the corporate party, all work for me. That these kinds of scenes can largely only be found today in shows like Hannibal {cancelled} and independent work, speaks to their running counter to the trend of force-feeding easily digestible paste to masses who are frustrated and uninterested in complex idea fare.

There’s some misogyny, but I can shuffle that over to part of the corporate dystopia/utopia that serves as the backdrop. Fear of the individual, which is what the film is about, is a topic that strikes a very current chord, as does power’s game of ensuring the rest of us are all doing violence to one another in a fashion that they control. What is the price for utopia?, it would seem to ask.


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