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Inthrallis – Chapter 50

April 8, 2015

Inthrallis – Chapter 50

National Security Agency

–Top Secret–

[Translated from the Russian]


Comrade Gen. Yu. Yvenchenckov
Comrade Gen. Bo. Glinkovy
Comrade Gen. Pi. Vlasinky

22 September 1984


The following is a summary and update to previous communiques regarding progress in the area.

–As of now, we are at 86% completion with regards to the areas designated. Truly, we can consider the completion much higher according to preliminary verbal reporting. Some of the smaller villages have been abandoned, with inhabitants having fled for the Pakistan border. KGB border subgroups have reported significant numbers passing through and crossing which would tend to confirm what we are hearing from the field.

–This success is, however, problematic. We had a sixth incident three days ago–after trying to placate them with alcohol as was recommended by Sokolov’s people. Without going into details, the result is we have lost three more men, including the chief cook; and one of the medics lost an arm and an eye. We desperately need something external to focus on as we wind down operations in the area to maintain discipline and not have the unit tear itself apart. If anything, Verbili says, the alcohol merely eroded what little self-control the men have left after their conditioning.

–Respectfully request Com. Doctor Sokolov and staff return with their equipment as soon as convenient to make some adjustments. We cannot have the men undisciplined when not in the field in this way. It puts not only the operations at risk, but also the research. We don’t want this falling into the hands of the Americans.

–Perhaps more importantly, please disregard previously communicated concerns regarding the KGB observer’s suspicions about the existence of the project. Regrettably, he was also a casualty during the most recent event and so his request for reports from me on the two previous incidents are no longer on my list of items to be completed. His killer was likewise among the deceased as far as our investigations were able to determine under the circumstances. Unfortunately, his body and belongings were burned during a fire that broke out a few hours after the incident in his quarters, perhaps set by one of the deceased. I will notify the Committee and request a replacement as soon as we have a new suitable space to accomodate, which could take some time.

–Regarding staff assessment on reintegration of the men after conflict, the consensus is that it is impossible, unless Sokolov can undo what he has done without inducing excessive guilt resulting in depression and anxiety disorders. We can let this problem take care of itself at the end of the conflict, let nature take its course…but the timing of it is important. We must prevent them killing each other and maintain their focus on the enemy.

The individual interviews and assessments by Comrade Verbili and his staff are attached as well as my report on the incident and associated paperwork. All deaths listed as hepatitis per instructions. Verbili notes in his summary that the supposed slights, etc., that incite these incidents generally appear to have no foundation in reality.


Lt. Col., 26 Div., Special Directorate, GRU GSh MARKENKO
Lt., Deputy Chief Psychologist, DMHW VERBILI


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