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Inthrallis – Chapter 59

January 16, 2015

Inthrallis – Chapter 59

Nor am I the captain of my soul; I am only its noisiest passenger.

“You came highly recommended, Dieter.”

“Yes, Mr. Cain.”

Cain and his new chief of security walked in the backyard of one of the Cain campaign’s new acquisitions. A California chemical empire heir, who was now unable to make any decisions for himself, had bequeathed it to them just before permaenently misplacing his brain and being carted away by DHS.

“I’m rather tired after all this touring.”

“Well, sir, we have a surprise for you. Several actually. I hope you don’t mind the liberties I took.”

Cain became electrified, smiled and looked Dieter in the eyes.

“I like surprises, Mr. Schunhold. Pleasant ones, anyway.”

“I think you’ll find everything to your liking, sir.”

{Ed. note: Disturbing content ahead.}

There was an extensive sub-basement under the home of the former, comatose owner of the home. It had served many purposes, but there was an obvious desire for privacy bordering on 1950s style bomb shelter about it except it was much larger.

Schunhold’s people had set the place up like a dinner party. There was an extensive buffet complete with breathing wine bottles and a side tray of various controlled substances as well as less regulated performance enhancing pills, both of the pharmaceutic and the herbal variety.

The first unusual attribute were the twelve people gathered around waiting for Cain’s arrival. He typically enjoyed his relaxation and hobbies alone.

When they all turned to him, some of them heading to the table to grab a glass, he smiled. He recognized some of the faces. Four, all connected to DC, he had expected to oppose his candidacy. Still three others had come all the way from the United Kingdom and there were two from Saudi Arabia and another from Dubai.

They raised their glasses and the Brit toasted, “To President Cain.”

The others echoed his words.

The next surprise was a glass booth. Inside was a man.

Cain recognized him as well. It was Billy Swinton. Marta’s biological father.

Cain was impressed. Dieter had somehow managed to get Swinton away from the local news hack he had been speaking to and get him here… nude… bound in glass box. And what was that in there with him?

Some kind of insects. And Billy was covered with a thin layer of sugar. Cain could see him wincing as they nibbled on his sugary shin. There were not enough to do serious damage or kill him, just enough to be painful. There was a small closed cage attached containing many more insects when it was time for desert.

Cain grabbed a glass and returned the toast, “To all of you, my new friends and supporters. We do appreciate your aid.

“And to our guest of honor…”

Cain had now gotten an idea of what the program was to be. He was not at all surprised when a security detail wheeled in Billy’s girlfriend wearing a thin teddy and tied to a wooden St. Andrew’s Cross which was placed where Billy would get a followed by more men with a table upon which were various objects made of metal, rope, and rubber.

“…and his friends.”

The guests started disrobing and looking over the table. The Senator began cutting the teddy in various places.

Dieter brought Marta in. Cain smiled at the drugged little girl and met her in front of the glass casket.

“Now do it for daddy like he showed you. That’s a good girl.”


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