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Inthrallis – Chapter 58

January 16, 2015

Inthrallis – Chapter 58

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.

“And how do you respond to the fact that all of these families bequeathed their property and holdings to Cain’s campaign?”

It was Sunday morning and Washington was glued to its favorite shows featuring pundits when they weren’t watching disease and religious experts expound on the ‘Rapture Witness’ coma.

“Well, Chuck, he does seem to have a point of view that resonates not only with many Americans but also with people around the world. I haven’t seen a candidate with so much support in the EU–and even Russia, oddly–”

“Well, let’s go to that. Does support from Russia help or hurt the Cain campaign. Many in your own party say it’s a sign he is soft on raising taxes. His talkong points about ending poverty and greed are also echoed in the words of the Pope.”

“This country was founded on the idea of self-improvement and the personal ownership of wealth. At the same time, I think we can all agree that charity is important.

“And, frankly, any time Putin expresses interest in religion can’t be all bad.”

“Is that your view or the view of the Republican Party leadership?”

“I can tell you that the American people are speaking through Dick Cain and we as a party are listening.”


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