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Inthrallis – Chapter 56

January 15, 2015

56… 56… five…six…

“What happened to pretty green light, mommy?”


“Have you seen my voice? I can’t remember where I left it… Has to be here someplace.”


“I will make you My messenger to the World.”

“Don’t shoot the messenger.”

Don’t think.

Dark hole.

“Lassie, I’ve fallen in the well.”

What’s he shouting? Not that far. Very far. Can’t hear him…me…

Stop thinking.

‘Out,’ he mouths.

Stop it.

Beach. Beach. Sun. Beach. Gentle waves. Someone there…

Does 47 bother you?

Shut up. Beach… “We’re having a baby.”



47. Forty-seven. Four-seven!

F— you. Shut the f— up!



Noise. Throwing. Pain. Grabbed.

Can’t move arms anymore. Can wiggle toes.

Heh… S…O…

Shouting from well. Can’t hear it. Water getting deeper.

“I baptize thee in the Name…”

Stop thinking. Can’t move. Can’t move. Can’t move. Stop thinking.

“You will bear My Message.”


“You are Mine.”

Stop thinking!






Who is the Way? Which is Out?

“He’s crying now. Why is they crying?”

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