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Advice for Puppets

December 20, 2013

Do you know what role it is that you play?
You come and do, then off on your way.

Sometimes you have your lines,
Sometimes you don’t.
Sometimes you help along the way.
Sometimes you won’t!

You come in all sizes,
With real people, hard to tell apart.
Do you know why you do what you do?
Are you really that smart?

You might sound a siren! A horn!
Offer friendly advice.
You might steal my phone.
That’s really not nice.

You might come in fine wrapping,
Pleasing to the eye.
It’s then I most suspect
The reasons for why.

I might not even meet you,
This show’s not just for me.
(When they say things outrageous
Ignore what you see.)

For we all have a role
Whatever it be.
On at least one occasion,
You were simply a tree.

But I stray from the point
That I hope you will find.
Easier said than done, I grant you;
Not advice of an average kind.

To be free of the master
And his strings used to bind,
You must step back! Quit thinking!
They were just in your mind.


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