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Ye Olde D&D Rogue Campaign

October 24, 2013

There was a game I played in where my character once accidentally blew the horn sounding the Apocalypse. That’s probably not an uncommon theme as far as campaigns go.

But he, being someone who did well when the economy did well, recognized that everybody being dead would really put a damper on those dreams of the top floor pad above his casino or temple, or whatever he eventually decided to build to fund his retirement.

Refugees tend to be focused on things like water, food, shelter and generally don’t have time for the slots. Especially if they are dead.

Alas, we never finished that game so I can’t say how it ended. I do imagine, though, being a resourceful business man, he’d have worked it out somehow, found the right allies, if only temporarily, and got it done.

Reminds me of a Paul Sorvino line from The Rocketeer about being 100% American.

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