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The Science of the End of the Universe

September 2, 2013

io9 just posted an article, “Could You Survive the End of the Universe?” over here.

This of course reminded me of this short piece.

They cover the main big freeze and big reverso-to-bang theories (and even mention traveling to another universe to escape).

But they also mention creating a new one. Pretty cool idea. That far off, I can’t see why whatever it is we’ve engineered ourselves into wouldn’t be capable of that and even doing things to other things that we don’t even yet know exist.

Another interesting possibility: that matter will break down into subatomic particles, so there won’t be any information left. It’d be like every building were turned into really fine sand. No way to know what it used to be.

There sometimes is comfort in that. So much that matters today won’t one far off other day.


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