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Inthrallis – Chapter Two

August 27, 2013

“‘New Hollywood’ Begins Big Productions Near US Capitol” — Philadelphia Press, Carole Appleton

Roanoke VA – Secretary of Defense Javintz spoke to reporters today about renewing the American economy. He stated that as part of the new mission of the Defense Department to aid in fulfilling the President’s promise to bring back the American blockbuster despite the devastating earthquake in California and 4/17’s effect on the television industry in New York.

“This is not just about entertainment,” the Secretary said. “The American film is not only part of American culture, it affects cultures all over the world. It is our calling card. It is how we let the rest of the world know who we are.”

The Secretary turned the press conference over to producer Jack Q. Williams of the new film company Virginia Trimax Films. “We have already started production, right here in Virginia. You will recognize some of the names and faces. The American movie is not extinct. It’s just been reborn.”

Also present was popular 1990s action film star Trevor Whitman. Whitman’s comments on Twitter drew controversy last month when he stated that God had saved him from both the earthquake and outbreak in New York. Whitman’s career had taken a downturn after 1999 when a few films he starred in brought in less than expected. He had checked into a rehab center for alcohol and drug use just outside of Dallas the week prior to 4/17 even though he had been scheduled to play a role in an episode of crime drama Black & White. Whitman apologized for the statements and has since thrown in behind GACP presidential candidate Richard Caine and also plans to make appearances for the candidate as his schedule allows.

Whitman is set to reprise his role as South Carolina sheriff Joe Lasher. A preview of the film (as yet untitled, set for a Fall US release) indicates that Lasher’s latest investigations will take him to Bagdad after being hired as a consultant by the Department of Homeland Security to look into links between a school mass shooting and a secret terrorism training camp overseas.

Also set for Fall or Christmas release by Trimax, Navy Seals versus Zombies and Timely Decisions, described as the story of a young CIA agent coming to terms with the methods and means required to win the war on terror.

A refreshed and smiling Whitman closed the presentation with a line that his character was most known for and seemed to sum up the whole occasion:

“We ain’t dead yet.”

(The Associated Press also contributed to this story).


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