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Inthrallis – Prelude

August 24, 2013

You can’t argue with success…

“…and that is how the decision to protect the American people was made. It was regrettable that it was necessary to contain a contagion–one threatening not only the rest of this country, but the world–in such a manner, but who would have guessed that terrorists would release such a thing and catch us so unaware? I pray for the people…those people of New York every day.

“Excuse me.”

The President took a moment. Though she had been often accused by Republicans of being soft and weak, she had never really shown that side. Under these circumstances, though, a little emotion was called for.

The talkshow host gave her the seconds required for the perfect video clip that would be shown the next day on every channel and get thousands if not a million, hits on YouTube by this time tomorrow. Just after the spurt of photograph flashes peaked, he changed the focus.

“Senator Debin.”

“Thank you, Chris. I just wanted to add that even though there was no choice in the matter under such circumstances as we found ourselves on 4/17, there may have been a better way.

“My colleague, Senator Briley of Pennsylvania, a Democrat, and I, wrote up a piece of legislation that would have…excuse me… Might have prevented the outbreak in New York altogether. This was blocked in the House by the Democratic Party. Wouldn’t it have been better to hire an outside contractor to help us prepare for unforeseen tragedies such as 4/17? Wouldn’t the cost have been minimal compared to the loss?

“Let’s give the Republican Party another chance to show that we can protect America and get the economy back on track at the same time. Four more years of indecisiveness will only lead us to more loss and a weak,” he subtly bent his wrist at the President on that word, “economy.”

There were a few hearty cheers from the university auditorium. The debate host kept things moving.

“Mister… Or is it ‘Doctor’?…”

The face of the third combatant for the hearts and minds of the American people came up on the big screen. He smiled and shook his head slightly before answering.

“Chris, I’m usually inclined to just have people call me ‘Dick’, by my first name.

“But right now, I do think we need a doctor. Because this world is sick. We are always talking about fear and money. As if the two aren’t the one-and-the-same thing. We want, we want, we want. What we really fear, is loss, including our beloved possessions.

“All that money New York had…brought down by the smallest of living things: a virus.”

Doctor Richard Caine, philanthropist, owner of dozens of patents, former CEO of the Medidyne Corporation, took the briefest pause before continuing.

“I lost a lot of friends and colleagues on the 17th of April. I miss them now and will always. But I will not ignore what everyone is already thinking. This tragedy was God trying to tell us something about how we live. Some of the wealthiest people in the world died on that day. What good was their wealth then?

“‘If you are lukewarm, shall I not spit you out?’ God wants us to change. If you want someone who is not afraid to boldly admit that that is what America needs the most, then vote for Caine-Habishar!”

The host seemed stunned. There was a quiet in the auditorium for a moment. The other two candidates smiled to themselves and scribbled some notes.

Then the audience burst into a standing ovation. The God and Country Party had just made it’s first real headway towards taking the White House. The network had to go to commercial before continuing.

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