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Infernis – Chapter Sixty-Two

August 10, 2013

The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation.

Brian woke to what sounded like a metal on metal clink. He was covered in a blanket. He barely opened his eyes, but saw that he’d been moved to the couch. The same couch that psycho-bitch had watched TV on, chatted away on her cellphone on. He glanced down under the blanket and saw that his wrists were no longer cuffed, though they still felt like they were.

He looked over and saw that the man with the bat had taken off his mask and was busy standing over Kitten doing something. He was also quoting scripture.

“…she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.”

Brian saw Kitten’s head move sharply along with the man’s arm in which he thought he saw a hammer. There was a jerk of her head coinciding with another clinking sound and the swing of the arm.

The man spoke again, “…thy desire shall be to thy husband and he shall rule over thee.”

Brian fell drifted slowly between sleep and waking and lost track of what was a dream, what was real. It was strange, like the strobe lights coming on in a dance club for a moment, revealing where everyone was, what colors they wore, then darkness and mystery again.

“Hey! Hey, buddy! This one’s for you, man!”

The man was naked and behind Kitten giving her the business hard. She seemed barely conscious, head down between her arms, which were cuffed.

Suddenly the man grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. She moaned, which made him thrust her all the harder and deeper. Her mouth and chin were a bloody mess. A large bump on her left cheek looked swollen and bruised. He had likely broken her cheekbone with the bat. Her lips were so swollen that Brian didn’t recognize her.

“Smile for us, bitch!”

He jerked her head back even further, pulled her lips apart and Brian understood what he had been doing earlier with the hammer and…what?…a chisel? If she had any teeth left at all, Brian couldn’t see them. And that likely wasn’t just blood dripping down her chin.

Brian closed his eyes and faded out again. The next waking moment the man was next to Brian, shaking him.

“Alright, Brian. Here’s the moment of truth, pal.”

Brian looked down and saw Kitten laid on the floor in the middle of a plastic sheet.

The man placed something into view on the coffee table. Brian looked over at it. It was a pill bottle.

“Those are antibiotics. After her little roll in the hay, she’ll be needing them.

“But then, after what she did to you, so do you. See what I’m saying? One parachute. Plane’s going down. Who’s it gonna be? You or her?”

Brian looked at the man. He didn’t seem like at all what he’d imagined behind the mask. He didn’t even look insane. He looked like anybody. Cable guy. Wall Street stock trader. Government bureaucrat. Your neighbor you share a barbecue with once every July.

He looked over at Kitten in a heap. He felt sorry for her in that moment. The flash of a video he’d seen, that of an octopus eating a shark flashed through his mind. Only time he felt sorry for a shark.

Not that sorry.

Brian feebly reached out a hand for the pills. The man smiled, opened the bottle, handed him two pills and produced a glass of water.

“Take ’em all until they’re gone. Be out of here in three or four days, tops. Neighbors think the owners are on vacation. Don’t go looking for them, they’re in the basement stinking up the place.

“And, dude, stop acting like a f***ing victim. I know, you’re a…you’re different. They explained it to me, but see, they didn’t think it all through. Intelligent design. You guys, you gays, well, you’re part of that. Planet’s getting crowded. Less babies that way.

“Besides, that’s more for me. Whore’s like this, well, they gotta remember their place. I couldn’t take another day of watching her do that to a man. Just pisses me off, you know?

“You won’t be seeing her again. But if you tell anyone about this, you’ll definitely be seeing me again. Got that? Nothing personal. I had an uncle was gay. Only person never judged me for what I am.”

Brian nodded and tried his best to smile.

“That’s my man. We dudes gotta stick together, bro.”

The man laid the bottle on the coffee table, started whistling a familiar tune, and started wrapping Kitten up in the plastic.

Has the whole world gone completely insane?

Was starting to think you’d never notice.

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