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White – Perty Laundry

July 24, 2013

Epilogue White – “Perty Laundry”

Now – A Series of Tubes

FOX News

Washington DC – The Federal government spent over $1 trillion on an experimental fix for global warming. House Speaker Boehner stated, “We’ll be getting to the bottom of this very soon. This program was not approved by us, was not something we were aware of, and it was a lot of taxpayer money went into it. This money was wasted over something that was just a theory. This administration has resisted our attempts at oversight…”


The Nation

Washington DC – A secret multinational effort to lower green house gas emissions was revealed dramatically yesterday when very visible reflective particles, observable by the naked human eye, were noted in countries throughout the world. Our investigative reporters detail that no less than thirty countries, including the United States who spent of $997 billion, contributed to the effort. Genetically modified microorganisms that consume CO2 were combined with reflective particles (referred to popularly as ‘the Glittering’) that reduced the amount of sunlight entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Experts caution that this is not a fix and measurements must be taken to see how much, if any, reduction in temperature rise this test has accomplished. One expert, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said he was hopeful that it might at least be enough to slow the release of methane that has remained trapped in ice, a problem that has exacerbated global warming due to the tendency of methane in the atmosphere to trap heat.

As for the project’s secrecy, the Secretary of Defense stated that not since the Manhattan Project has …



(A place for the hacker known as Grandma to set the record straight!)

“The Truth About The So-Called ‘Climate Change Fix'”
Posted by Grandma

Here’s the skinny. Turns out a ham radio operator living on an unnamed island in the Caribbean was listening on a military frequency for any details about the Glittering. Get this… He heard no other than Harold Roarke asking for help. The dude is alive! Or was.

As to his whereabouts, some black helicopter–if you know what I mean– apparently directed him deeper into the Devil’s Triangle. Don’t know if it was visitors got him or something military, but the dude’s boat is gone. No one can find the thing or him.

Devil’s Triangle, MIBs…gotta be the Greys, right?

Now, the so-called climate change fix. See, it was supposed to be a doomsday weapon. That Schneider dude replaced the weapon with the stuff we all saw in the sky…still see it in some places. That was why the Feds were after him; they caught on to the switcheroo and selling it to those other countries! Paid top dollar for a weapons system that didn’t do what it was supposed to do! His ass is toast!

You can’t make this stuff up, dudes and dudettes. Hang in there. The aliens will be invading us any day now. They’re gonna be pissed that we set back their plans to warm the planet up to their specs!


©2011, 2013 Christopher C. Knall

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