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Red – Desper-Righto

July 24, 2013

Epilogue Red – “Desper-Righto”

Now – Roarke’s Speedboat, The Carribean

Roarke glanced behind him. The island was getting smaller and smaller as the boat rushed northward. He would make it to Miami and, with the money still at his disposal, he would still get some kind of vengeance before his time was up. Six months was plenty with what he had available.

He got mildly annoyed when his compass started spinning and GPS showed him far from his actual location. Then sonar stopped functioning.

“Effects of the bomb…”

He smiled and held steady. It was still dark so he had concerns about running into another ship or one of the other small islands, but he was Harold Roarke. Easy enough to find an escort.

He grabbed the radio, switched it to a military frequency and pressed the key.

“This is Harold Roarke requesting immediate assistance. Having technical difficulties and require an escort. I repeat, this is Harold Roarke!”

He repeated much the same thing before receiving a reply. He gave his last known coordinates.

Acknowledged. On my way.

It was good to be Roarke. The helicopter pilot offered to fly close by and keep him on course. It was only a few hours to Florida. He’d be there in time for a nice lunch followed by his revenge.


©2011 Christopher C. Knall

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