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July 16, 2013

“So. How was your day?”

There was a grunting sound, nearly inaudible.

“Oh, come on. You must have had something exciting to work on. You always do.”

This evoked a sly smile followed by a snort.

“Well? Out with it.”

“We tried to start some riots. Maybe…”


“Maybe even blow it up into a race war.”

“See there? You had fun, right? Did it work?”

The frown was back.

“What happened? The FBI didn’t stop you, did they?”

A look of horrified surprise appeared on the face of the new arrival.

“Are you kidding?!?”

“Well. Yes.”

They both burst into laughter. The hooting and guffawing lasted for over a minute.

“Well, hon, tomorrow’s another day. You’ll get your civil war, yet, you wait and see. Huh?”

“Yeah…I guess so.”


From → NKINTRA, Short Story

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