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The Correct Message

May 30, 2013

This is not a full review. I had some problems with the film Star Trek: Into Darkness, but I’m just focusing on what I view as the point.

It’s about the use of resources. Do we use them to create fortresses and isolate from and plan to defend from/conquer “the other,” or do we use it to learn, explore, take risks?

(There is an accurate subpoint to be found as well: in the war on terror, neither side has a monopoly on dangerously unhinged megalomaniacs. On the sort of flip side, it also seems to say that, without the cooperation of angry individuals, psychopaths rule, win; they are superior.)

And that at least is the correct position for any incarnation of Star Trek. “We need to get back to who we were.” Echoes of the old days where achievement counted as high or higher than how much could be destroyed how quickly and by whom and cowardly lurching to protect every single aspect of human activity from our mostly homemade monsters. The rekindling of NASA as explorer and the forefront of learning about the “world” beyond this one as opposed to focus on the internal and the eventual in-fighting that always seems to occur before the former can take place. Mankind’s track record on learning from previous mistakes is not a good one.

And the film reminds us of that fact as well with Cumberbatch’s character and the character’s background. But there I’m getting into spoilers.


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