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Infernis – Chapter Twelve

November 7, 2012

Chapter Twelve

We wrestle not against flesh and blood.

“Friends, there can be no other explanation. There can be no greater proof of His existence and His displeasure with the direction this country is going.

“To see the devastation and to know it struck a place…a liberal place. A place rife with socialism. A place accepting of those here illegally. A place where Muslims are known to congregate. A place welcoming of little Billy’s love for Greg. A place that–not so long ago–dabbled with the idea to defy God by allowing such people…two men!…to marry each other. Well, I–!”

The reverend Stilwell looked down, away from the main camera a moment, shuffled his notes a bit and shook his head and uttered gutturally his trademark nhh-nhh-NHH!.

“Well, it’s no wonder the earthquake chose that place to wipe away so much of a state proud in its tolerance of all sorts of sinfulness. It’s a den of sin festoon with ho-mo-sexyals asmokin’ the reefer!

“And we all recall what happened to an actor who played…you know…one of those people. God called him before his throne of judgment!

“The destruction of California is proof, gentle believers, that the Almighty has decided to move His throne! His angels have packed up his house and he is on his way to retake this world as his own, praise Jesus!

“And to happen just weeks before an election…well! What exactly is God trying to tell us?!?”

He slammed his fist on his desk

“Those who refuse to accept His rule will be vanquished. Let us pray and then watch this blessed message from our sponsors. You’re watching The Holy Channel.”


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