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Chapter 38 – 1 w@nn@ 83 @r0und

May 11, 2012

Chapter 38 – “1 w@nn@ 83 @r0und”

September 8, 2001 – Roarke’s HQ, Unknown

Roarke had what he needed. The DNA had been easy enough to retrieve. The hard part had been finding enough to make a complete strand for insertion, the tedious task, even with current speed of computers, to put it all together, to reassemble what was needed.

He checked on progress daily, sometimes hourly. He transformed the data into a double helix graphical representation in order to better visualize where things stood.

He still required some time to make it all work, of course. Buying up the necessary research, the talent, and moving it where he could keep an eye on it while others couldn’t had been quite the task.

He had stolen what research he could not buy through hiring some reformed hackers. Finding ones who wanted information free, open to the public, that was easy. Finding a few who didn’t have any such ethos, merely wanted the money had been a little more difficult, but not impossible.

Of course he would have to have them neutralized once he was done with them. He could not afford to leave any trace, telegraph even the smallest clue as to what he truly intended. Arrests, accidents, whatever it took to neutralize any and all potential threats.

Having experiments done for his own purposes right under the nose of his re-formed partnerships was also not easy. He needed to throw them a bone now and again to justify the funding, to have something they could show Congress and not have them asking too many questions.

Limb and organ transplants with non-rejectable replacements filled that prescription nicely. Who could argue with trying to protect the troops? Growing a new limb or eye from a sergeant’s own DNA and then attaching it for the wounded hero? It was an easy sell and wonderfully secret (and also so expensive that no one below three-star rank would ever see it under normal circumstances, but things like that were always unspoken understandings).

National security was becoming the new speak easy for people like Roarke. It was a excuse to hide whatever he wanted to do and no interference from nosy Johnny Law, squeamish Joe Citizen, tax- and ethics-conscious Mr. Smith-Goes-to-Washington, and even your modern day hardcase Eliot Ness. It was the perfect cover.

Current schedule estimates were that he would still need two, three, maybe four years before he could do what he wanted with this research. And he really, really wanted.

To make Schneider relive the horrors that lead to the man shooting Roarke? Roarke would plum the depths of science and plunder the research others for that end. Once brought to fruition, his vengeance would be…what was the word? Noteworthy. Epic.



©2011, 2012 Christopher C. Knall

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