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Chapter 30 – Don’t Come Around Here…

May 11, 2012

Chapter 30 – “Don’t Come Around Here…”

Now – Liberty Island, New York

Schneider turned away and started toward the boat he had hidden inside a maintenance shed a few hundred yards away. He stopped dead in his tracks when he heard ruffling behind him.

“You’re not real.”

He slipped his right hand into his pocket slyly and grabbed the gun there. He whirled and shot three times quickly at the thing that showed up in the form of his dead girlfriend.

She or it managed to dodge all three bullets. The Maya-bot zigzagged toward Schneider at a pace that made his head reel. He brought a hand up to block the blow he almost consciously saw coming. It was pointless. The thing grabbed his arm easily and started to twist.

“You are…not…real…”

The Maya-bot tilted her head just before knocking him out with a forehead butt. He crumpled and she placed him over her shoulder and started carrying him away.

“I know,” she said.


©2011 Christopher C. Knall

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