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Chapter 40 – Sympathy for the Weevil

May 8, 2012

Chapter 40 – “Sympathy for the Weevil”

Now – Liberty Island, New York

Maya-bot carried the unconscious Schneider over her shoulder like a bag of rags, with no apparent concern for his comfort or the way his body was supposed to bend.

She joined the man standing over Braden’s body. He was hurriedly making certain the big man was gone for good.

“Well, that was far easier than I expected. Thank you, my dear. Please place Eli in the boat.”

Roarke took one last look at Braden Nelson, once known as Phoebus, the man who had beaten him nearly to death, broken his bones. He expected to feel something, but really there was nothing. No forty-year itch had been scratched. No poetic words came to mind.

It was simply the next step in his plan. Schneider had been good enough to succumb to the mindgames he arranged for him, to lose touch with reality via the manipulation of his own haunted psyche and Roarke’s carefully orchestrated attacks coming at Schneider from all angles, affecting the man on all levels of personal and professional life.

Now that did feel satisfying, if only momentarily. Somehow the fact that he had been helpless to stop Schneider’s bullet still resonated somewhere deep within him. The fact that over one-quarter of his brain had been replaced with nano-circuitry had not quenched the thirst for vengeance for that one iota.

He walked back to the boat and whistled. It was nearly time to celebrate his triumph.

He had the android secure Schneider below in metal box after removing anything that the man might use to escape or as a weapon. Then he got into the pilot’s seat and started the cruise back to his home down south.

The little girl came and sat next to him. She was still rubbing her eyes like one might see in a movie. Funny how kids knew to do that without having really been taught to do so.

“Are we home yet?”

“Not yet, Maya. But very nearly. Very nearly, my dear. Wanna have Nanny put a movie on for you?”

It was many hours yet to home. The android was expensive but he didn’t have to worry about it betraying him and Roarke found that priceless.

The eight year old clone went back to her cabin and went to sleep.

Roarke smiled to himself.

“Almost home…”


©2011 Christopher C. Knall

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