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The Gatekeeper

July 28, 2011


“Knockity, knock knock. Who’s there in the name o’ Lucifer?
Here’s a forger, cooked up papyrus to make an unholy brewin’. Here’s some salt for thy own roasting!”

Knock, knock.

“Who’s canst it be now? Why, it’s a egg farmer.
Gave poison eggs to th’ town crier made him pay w’is soul.
Sizzles thine eggs now, eggshell? Some pork and taters will serve thee up well enow.”

Knock, knock, knock.

“Damn, and who be it now? Here’s a liar,
Traded blood of many for the oil o’ th’ few.
How dost thine oil burn thee now?
Ye’ll have a new necktie for’t, I’ll wager.”

Knock, knock, knock!

“An’ who comes now? Why, it’s a coward, thrice-damned.
Thrice-damned for he of all knew right’n’wrong;
Thrice-damned for he dangled hope and then hid it;
Thrice-damned for he made promises in earnest and went the way o’ th’ othern.
Yellow flames for a soul t’match, eh? More stripes for a striper!

“I hear ye, quatre cavaliers, I hear ye.
Look for me in that place ye fear to gaze and see me laughing at th’ folly of’t.”

Knock, knock, knock!

“I hear thee, I hear thee! But canst thou hear me now?”

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